Fingal the Feral Goat Prints

Another limited edition run of 7 screen prints.

Puffin Screen Prints

Limited edition run of 7 Screen Prints

Performing Objects Exhibition Falmouth

Very inspirational little exhibition and series of workshops that happened in Falmouth a few weeks ago.  My friend also had a great little piece in the exhibition which was an illustrated sleeping bag with mountain pillows. I was very tempted to try and have a sleep in it at the gallery. More information here.

Travel Book Cover Project


Using the title "Exit Brooklyn" as a starting point, I explored ideas in my sketchbook based around the story of a man of Norwegian descent who takes his first ever trip from America to Norway and goes exploring on his bike. This was a lot of fun to research and I am particularly pleased with the colour scheme which is centred around the typography and colour palette I looked at on the New York Subway system.

Sketchbook and Inspiration

Over the last few weeks and I have been really sketching hard in my sketchbooks. My process of drawing and doodling is really satisfying right now and I'm bringing this way of working slowly into the way I create final pieces. I may do a post soon on my various sketchbooks and the weird sort of "system" I have settled into, on deciding which one to use at any given time. For now here is a snippet of a current sketchbook and lots of wonderful inspiration material that I have been collecting.

Summer sketchbook pages

A selection of pages from one of the sketchbooks I completed over the summer.

New studio space

Getting settled in nicely and looking forward to making some nice pictures in this space.

Falmouth Illustration Exhibition 2013

A great evening at the first and second year Illustration Exhibition in Falmouth town this week. There seemed to be plenty of people around on the opening night and the combination of both years showing their work together worked really well. Already looking forward to the show next year. I will post some links to some of the people I photographed down below.



Final Baby Teeth!

I had a great time this evening at what was unfortunately the last Baby Teeth event that will be held in Falmouth. I bought a massive haul of comics, zines and other cool bits and bobs. I very nearly bought my first art print (one day). There hopefully will be a similar event to Baby Teeth next year and some of my friends may be getting involved with the organisation side of things. I was privileged to meet the awesome Jack Teagle for the second time and was able to buy one of his cool DIY action figures. I also got to meet the lovely Donya Todd who's comics are amazing and from whom I bought the amazing Bimba girl comics anthology. I will put links for everything at the end of this blog post. As usual I took a few photos.

One massive comics Haul

Current Inspiration

Here are some photos of some printed things that I am finding really inspiring currently. Firstly I managed to borrow a copy of the amazing Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth. I have a lot left to read yet but it promises to be an amazing graphic novel with some very unusual panel styles and compositional decisions. Then there is Owen Davey's awesome zine about a cowboy which is just visually stunning. I have also finally got my hands on a copy of The Ride journal. This is a journal all about bikes and cycling culture and nearly every article has a beautiful accompanying Illustration. Some amazing photographs to be found in this hefty magazine as well. Finally, my latest discovery and now possible favourite comics artist - Gipi! Have still to read this graphic novel (Notes for a War Story) properly yet but the artwork is very inspiring.


Inspired by the dude with a beard that I spotted while cycling through Cornwall. Maybe more to come.