Finished Print

I'm pretty pleased with the final result - I especially like the way the cloth I used to brush off the ink has given a nice effect for the background.

Printmaking work in progress

Here are few pictures of the dry point print I was working on today being created. It is inspired by the drawings of Peter Howson. I used my sketches from my moleskine from London as reference. Pictures of the finished prints to follow soon.

Scoring out the character from my sketchbook

You can just make out the lines in the reflected light on the card here

Nearly finished...

RUA Visit

We visited the RUA show in the ulster museum recently. There were some amazing paintings that gave me some great inspiration but myself and a few friends also managed to make use of the amazing natural history section of the museum to do some sketching. The show is still on until the 20th of November and it is definitely worth seeing.

Here are a few photos

Research Trip to london

Recently I embarked on a trip to london to gather research for my next art project and to visit camberwell College of Art's open day. I was amazed by the amount of art in the brick lane area as well as around the Camberwell area. I also made good use of my time on the tube to sketch people. Here are a few photos from the trip.

Stick painting on blue door

You can just spot the Space Invader piece and also the numbers where people have planned to remove it and reassemble it later but have failed miserably.

A beautiful piece by Roa

The unfortunate remains of what was as I would expect from C215 an amazing piece.

Finally found an actual C215! It didn't disappoint.

Conor Harrington who is a big inspiration of mine

Tony Benn at Saint Paul's

An exhibition at Tate modern by Tacita Dean

Page from my Sketchbook